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Academic Facilities

Modern research has proved that good quality infrastructure in a school environment can greatly      influence the overall well being and academic output of a child. Keeping that in mind, St. Teresa Memorial Convent offers a perfect mix of good infrastructure, quality ambience and modern amenities which act as great catalysts in the child’s learning process. Children learn and flourish when they have a caring and nurturing school environment.

Smart Boards

We have ensured that every classroom is fitted with multimedia computers. We have got interactive whiteboards or ‘smart boards’. Each classroom is fitted with a smart board, which is connected to an overhead projector and the classroom computer. These boards are used along with educational software to help make teaching and learning an effectual, interactive and fun process.



Laboratories are an integral part of our curriculum and pedagogy. Our Laboratories enable students to achieve a deeper understanding of concepts taught in the classroom by demonstrating to them applications and processes based on these concepts. In fact no learning would be fun without practical demonstration. We have built state-of-art laboratories for Math, Sciences and Computer. Each of these labs is equipped with a variety of subject-relevant equipment to allow for an experiential learning process, at a pace suitable to each child’s abilities. During lab hours, the students are supervised and assisted by qualified technicians and subject facilitators. Our Laboratories also focuses on measures to ensure Lab safety to avoid accidents.


Computer Lab
Each school has a computer centre that helps to develop a deeper understanding of technology and its working in every child. We ensure that basic knowledge of computer is given to a child right from Mont III level. We have computer lab of latest hardware and software, giving them the infrastructure to test and enhance their computer skills.



We have a well stocked libraries with a diverse range of books allow students to travel across time into different worlds. We have educational and recreational books as well as other multimedia resources for both, the students and staff, to access. The spacious, airy library has been designed to foster an interest in books and is intended to offer every child the opportunity to explore and develop his or her individual interests. The library uses an integrated management system that ensures efficient day-to-day running, circulation and inventory management.

  Health & Sports
The School also offers Sports infrastructure for the physical development of each child and is provided for a variety of sporting disciplines football, basketball, cricket, badminton, table tennis etc. We have got a spacious outdoor playground for all students as well as a dedicated outdoor play area for pre-primary students.  The playground houses facilities for playing cricket & football Sand pit are part of the outdoor play facilities available for pre-primary students.  We have got a huge indoor auditorium used for Basketball & Badminton.  We also offer other Indoor play facilities that include table tennis and carom.

We have our efficient and well-organized in-house transport system. All members of our staff receive extensive routine training in driving, housekeeping and first aid. A matron accompanies children in every trip. She is trained regularly to handle every contingency and ensures the safety of all children under her care. Efficiently mapped-out bus routes ensure that children spend the least amount of time travelling to and from school. Every bus is undertaken as per the guidelines and norms of The Supreme Court of India and Regional Transport Office Bihar Transportation.

Every bus is equipped with fire extinguishers & first aid medical kit.


Cafeteria is the most popular area in the school campus where our students get a break they relax and eat. Every care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. We provide food which is not only appealing to the taste buds but also nutritious. We ensure that the food we provide is hot, fresh, hygienic and also pocket friendly. The cafeteria is functional throughout the day. Careful planning of the food menu is done by our team to ensure proper diet is been provided to our students. Breakfast/lunch at school is supervised by teachers to encourage good table etiquette. The menu is mailed to parents every month.

  Medical Room

At the very beginning, the school physician reviews the child health and gives a feedback to the parents. Vision, hearing, overall physical health report will also include a recommended diet and medical suggestions for further improvement. The health checkup is done once in every term and the child's physical development is also tracked and monitored.

Our school has one dedicated room to take care of the medical needs of our students. The room is equipped with basic medical facilities. A qualified resident nurse is on call.

The school counselor also conducts appropriate psychological tests at the beginning of the academic year to understand the child's counseling needs.

  Music & Dance

At St. Teresa, music & dance is believed to be the expression of the soul. We focus on basic lessons of Music & dance. Our music & dance curriculum focuses on children learning basic music nodes, basic dance movements as it enables incredible coordination and fosters close relationships. At St. Teresa students are introduced to both Indian and Western music, vocal as well as instrumental music. All kinds of Dance forms like Indian contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz etc. are introduced to children.



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